The CB150R Street Fire :The Naked Version of CBR150R

Well, the CB150R was unveiled by Astra Honda Motor in Jakarta Motorcycle Show 2012 in Jakarta yesterday ,October 31st, 2012.

Labelled ” Street Fire” ,this motorcycle is produced for Indonesian market only.

pic : TMCBlog :roll:

” An extraordinary model, isn’t it? CB150R especially presented  for Indonesian Consumer. It use engine from Honda CBR150R”

Yusuke Hory, President Director of Astra Honda Motor said

(Autocar Magazine, October  31st, 2012) 

Yamaha Vixion Rival

Honda CB150R prepared to compete its rival from Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) Yamaha Vixion that has dominated Indonesian market of 150cc sportbike from 2007 until present.

The Yamaha Vixion successfully sold more than one million units. This success maybe realized because the Yamaha Vixion relatively has no competitor in its class.

The Naked Version of CBR150R

Honda CB150R Street fire is  representative model of  “The Naked Version of CBR150R” which is powered by the 150cc liquid-cooled  engine as the CBR150R. The output power estimated reach 17.6 hp at 10,500 rpm and gives torque  9.3 ft-lb. at 8500 rpm from the CBR150R, and SV Blog assumed that CB150R will likely have similar powers.

While the CBR150R covered by  large fairing, the CB150R exposes its DOHC 6 speed engine and new innovative truss frame. The suspension is also the same as with the CBR150R, featuring a telescopic fork and rear linked suspension.

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